Anxiety: The game

o 0~~~ANXIETY~~~o 0
^^^                          ^^^

Remember those choose-your-own adventure books from the 1980s?

Well, Anxiety is a game shell-based game, written in Python, that’s much the same … only you’re in a sort of never-ending strange loop that jumps from one classic archetypal anxiety dream to another.

It starts off with you waking up in the morning and getting up to go brush your teeth. Things immediately start to get weird, and you are given options on how to respond. Players will need to call upon their riddle-solving abilities, as well as some trivia knowledge. Cleverness is mandatory.

I had so much fun with this! It’s still a work in progress, but you can play with it and try to solve my evil riddles! Seriously, it’s fun. The Python program you’ll need to run is here (you’ll need a Github account).